Dress Like a Pro all Winter

A Wool Peacoat
Look for a wool tailored, knee-length peacoat to protect you from the elements yet still leave you looking ready for a client visit or a one-on-one with the boss. Peacoats are a classic, professional look that never goes out of style. Select a neutral color such as black, gray, navy or camel for a versatile look to compliment your entire work wardrobe.

Classic Accessories
Avoid anything too trendy or child-like. Printed fedoras and neon earmuffs can be fun in the right time and place but the office is not one of them. We recommend a scarf in a classic print such as plaid or hounds tooth and leather gloves lined with wool or cashmere to keep you polished and warm.

One of the main keys to cold weather dressing is layering. Wearing several lighter layers can keep you warmer than one thick bulky one. We recommend a pullover or cardigan sweater made of cashmere, wool, or angora layered over a regular cotton dress shirt. Long johns or fleece-lined leggings can also be layered under wool trousers for extra cold days. Ladies can continue wearing pencil skirts in the winter by layering thick tights underneath them to keep cozy.