Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Staffing Agency

At Resource Staffing, we know what a pain it can be to find the right person for the job. Weeding out hundreds of unqualified applicants, interviewing the select individuals that appear qualified, paying for extensive background and reference checks on the few that interview well and them making your ultimate decision. Even after putting forth all this effort, sometimes employers end up with new-hires that are simply not a good fit for the company culture (Ever seen a medical professional stepping outside for a smoke break or an employee of an environmental company tossing trash out their car window?). Don’t risk outputting your company’s precious resources only to end up with Smoker Sally or Littering Larry. At Resource Staffing, we are committed to finding the right candidate the first time. Check out some of the perks that come with our super employees:


1. Cut Costs

While the per-hour cost of a temporary employee may be more than the per-hour cost of a full-time employee, hiring temporary works can still save employers money on their overall salary expenses. Since the staffing agency (rather than the business using their services) employs temporary employees, the business does not have to provide or worry about any of the following:

Medical Benefits
Dental Benefits
Vacation Time
Leave of Absences
Unemployment claims
Worker’s Comp Claims

With all the money you are going to save your company, you might finally get that Christmas bonus you have been hoping for, or at least talk HR into finally replacing that ancient copy machine that seems to have a mind of it’s own.

2. Increase Productivity

All companies have a “busy season” or times when their operations are much more robust than others. Piling too much work on regular, full-time employees can lower company morale and make your workers more apathetic than a Dilbert cartoon. Plus, playing time and a half or even double time to cover the extra hours can be a nightmare for your payroll expense budget. Bringing in temporary workers can reduce overtime costs, and increase the productivity levels (while decreasing stress levels) of regular, full-time employees. With all this extra free time you can stop worrying about late nights at the office and get back to what really concerns you, like who took the yogurt from the break room that you clearly wrote your name on?

3. Freedom & Flexibility

When working with a staffing agency, employers have the freedom to use temporary staff as needed, whether it is for just a few hours or on a full-time basis. Temporary employees can be brought in to cover leaves of absence or vacation time for other full-time employees. Additionally, you can try out temporary employees and ensure they are a good fit before committing to them on a permanent basis. We like to think of this freedom as “try before you buy.” Now if only we could get Nordstrom to implement the same business model in their shoe department…